Developing your Finances

Developing your Finances

Our clients’ investments sit at the very heart of our holistic financial planning service.

No two clients’ needs and circumstances are the same. As part of our investment management services our highly qualified financial planners work with our clients to design and provide access to a portfolio of investments. We focus on our clients long-term goals and objectives along with their attitude to investment risk.

Working with our preferred Investment partners, we believe that only a full Discretionary Managed Investment service offered by those whose sole business is dedicated to managing clients’ investment portfolios in order to provide the annualised returns that clients require in all trading conditions.

Risk v Reward

Attitude towards risk is key to identifying the correct investment strategy and we instruct our Investment partners to manage your money either on a model or bespoke basis based on the results of your risk assessment. In addition to risk, factors including: tax, ethical requirements, cost implications or any personal preferences of our clients are always taken into account in the final investment solution.

Specialist knowledge

We regularly to review the available panel of Investment managers and product providers to ensure that our clients are receiving the best possible management of their hard earned money. At any one time, we select four preferred Investment partners to work closely with, who are reviewed annually using the comprehensive PPS due diligence process.

Keeping you informed

Clients receive a full written report on their current situation and the CWB recommendation. This is repeated annually ensuring that the client receives a continually monitored investment portfolio. In addition, you will have access to information on your investments through our bespoke “Client Portal” which provides you with the latest available information on your money.

We will also recommend, if appropriate, Venture Capital Trusts, Enterprise Initiative Schemes and Business Property Relief investments, if there are any potential Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax issues that are identified through the Lifetime Planning process.

Whether it is to request more information or send us some feedback, please do get in touch either by completing our Enquiry Form or contacting us on the details below.